Whether your plan involves improving egg quality, quantity, or sperm health, we will need to get started a minimum of 3 months ahead of trying to conceive naturally or your planned ART procedure, to see best results.

I offer evening and weekend appointments to fit in with your busy life. Many private health plans and College/University health packages cover dietitian services.

Connect Call

15 minutes – free

This gives us a chance to connect and talk about what you would like to achieve through working with a dietitian, and ask questions to see if we would work well together.


Initial Consultation PLUS Follow-Up

75 minute consultation visit with an additional 180 minutes of follow-up (standard would be 4 x 45 minute follow ups) – $595 

This is a personalized plan for you, with flexible appointment lengths to best meet your schedule.  Maybe you learn best in quick bites, or maybe you feel most supported having more time together.   

I also offer between-visit check-ins, so you don’t have to wait to ask a question or if you just need some words of encouragement.

I highly recommend this package, because I’ve seen first-hand that this is how people see the best results, by making a commitment to creating momentum in knowledge and habits.

**  Packages provide a 30% savings vs. scheduling individual appointments. Depending on your specific history and goals, you may need more follow up visits.

Additional Follow-Up Package – 180 minutes  $420

Repeat as needed, after Initial Consultation Package completed.

Individual Appointments 

Initial Consultation

75 minutes – $250.00

During this first meeting, and with the intake questionnaire information you provide, I will learn all about your fertility journey to this point, and your goals. Then, I will learn about you as an eater. I will ask a lot of questions, and listen to your story. We will gather all of the relevant information needed for me to provide the best recommendations for you. This may include medical history, medications, blood work, medical tests, life stressors, your sleep patterns, digestive functioning, movement and a thorough look at your current eating patterns and dieting history. Together, we will decide on next steps toward meeting your fertility goals, which will be accomplished at follow-up visits.


Follow up Appointments

45 minutes – $150

Our relationship with food/body can be complicated, and it can take awhile to shift thought patterns and habits to support change. At each follow up visit we will check in on your progress, identify barriers and continue to move toward your fertility goals.

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