photo of Sue - a white-skinned woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, smiling.

Sue Ward

Weight-Inclusive Fertility Dietitian

How can working with me help you to reach your fertility goal?

With Experience You Can Trust...

Over 30 years, including  Women’s Health, working together with women and couples as they navigate fertility and pregnancy.  My  recommendations are always current,    focused on your safety, evidence- based and backed by science.  

I am certified in Fertility Nutrition and a member of the Early Life Nutrition Alliance.


Using a Weight Inclusive Approach...

As a dietitian with lived experience navigating this world in a bigger body, I am uniquely qualified to understand the messages you are bombarded with daily, that your body is not ok the way it is.  

 I will recommend evidence-based strategies  to optimize your fertility now, without wasting precious time trying to shrink your body first. 

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Providing Uniquely Personalized Care...

 I offer flexible appointment times, tailored to your schedule, to reduce added stress. You may like frequent, quick check-ins to be sure things are on track, or perhaps a longer, unhurried chance to explore challenges or build skills.

My tailored packages include  access to me with between-visit email support, to give you peace of mind.

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