Sue Ward


photo of Sue - a white-skinned woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, smiling.

What would working with me do for you?

As a dietitian with lived-experience navigating this world in a bigger body, I am uniquely qualified to understand the messages you are bombarded with daily, that your body is not ok the way it is.
I see you, and I am here to support you in your journey, just the way you are.

You may be

  • tired of feeling like food and appetite is your enemy
  • want to get off the weight loss/re-gain roller coaster
  • constantly putting off goals and plans until you lose weight
  • out of touch with your body’s natural hunger and fullness wisdom
  • feeling that losing weight is the only way to live a healthy life

I can help you

  • understand that pursuing thinness at all costs is NOT the road to a healthy life
  • learn to appreciate your body’s innate wisdom around food/appetite
  • identify personal goals and find sustainable ways to achieve them that doesn’t depend on the number on the scale
  • Heal your relationship with food and find joyful ways to live in your body now
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